Supply of temporary workers


montageprofis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beck & Pollitzer Germany GmbH, specialising in the supply of temporary workers, including recruitment and employee development.

With our long-standing workforce of over 150 skilled professionals from the fields of mechanics and electrical engineering, we are a reliable and safe business partner for our customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector, including companies who require the supply of temporary workers. The full range of services available from Beck & Pollitzer are also provided by our assembly professionals at montageprofis on the basis of the German Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz – AÜG).

Particularly where the assembly of machinery and plants at manufacturers’ premises is concerned, or when developing large industrial plants, it is becoming increasingly difficult to clearly define and delineate the individual tasks and duties involved in a project. The important role different companies play in ensuring that the project is implemented perfectly and deadlines are met results in fluid transitions between the individual trades. This means that a cooperative arrangement based on service contracts doesn’t always make sense.

This is why our assembly professionals at montageprofis offer companies the opportunity to complete assembly projects at the manufacturer’s premises or on-site at the operator’s premises within the framework of the German Temporary Employment Act. With this service, everyone involved in the project can be sure they will be in safe hands.

We have an unlimited license to supply temporary workers for commercial purposes and can present all the necessary clearance certificates upon request. montageprofis is a member of the IGZ (German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies) and complies with all the collective labour agreements currently in force.

We do of course also offer assembly and relocation projects at a fixed price on the basis of service contracts. Beck & Pollitzer Germany GmbH is responsible for these projects and has access to exactly the same pool of employees as its subsidiary.

Your requirements – your choice of staff

At the start of any cooperation, a detailed analysis is always carried out to ascertain the activities involved in a projects and the associated requirements for skilled mechanics and electrical engineers. To this end, we are more than happy to arrange an on-site meeting with our project engineers at your company’s premises. Doing so will allow us to get to know and assess you and your needs, your machines and plants and the specific assembly sequences before we start working together. Armed with this advance knowledge, we will be able to find the best possible staff for you from our established workforce. All our employees are equipped with the necessary tools and personal protective equipment – that goes without saying.

Borrowers and lenders bring the greatest benefit to one another if both parties are happy to work together on an ongoing basis – this also applies for the skilled workers deployed in each project.


Recruitment and employee development

We are always looking for qualified staff from the fields of mechanics and electrical engineering.

Using a good initial qualification as the starting point, we strive to keep our skilled workforce up to date with all the latest technological developments. We maintain an internal training and development programme to ensure we fulfil this aim. Our training measures encompass everything from in-house schemes and working in close cooperation with external institutions to providing further training measures for our customers. We use every available opportunity to make our skilled employees even more effective in the work they do for you.



Mechanical and plant engineering 

  • Machine tools
  • Special machines
  • Welding cells and lines
  • Automation and robotics
  • Printing machines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Transfer and assembly lines


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